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Pork Loin
Fully Cooked Seasoned Boneless Pork Loin . Boil in Bag or Oven (350degrees) 
7 pound average weight.  NAMP #414 . 24 month frozen shelf life. SKU 2812
Fully Cooked Beef Meat Loaf with Tomato Sauce
Breaded Veal Steak(Cutlet)
Tru-Native Enterprises                           Our Hallmark Signature Product line
Tru-Native Meat Products are best-in-class across the board. We offer Halal cuts to meet mission based feeding requirements. 

We offer fully cooked Boil -in-Bag quality entrees. Several of our fully cooked entrees are offered in the current UGR menus. 

More information? 
Contact Mr Joe Mancini at Jmancini@tru-native.com 
Derived from USDA Choice Grade ,NAMP 116B, Fully Cooked, Shredded Beef, 4% Rub, No More than 10% Fat,, 2-3.25lb BIBG pouches per net wt. box, frozen. 6.50 Lb. Case Feeds 25. NAMP#116B, Product code 2112.  24 month frozen shelf life. LSN:8905-­‐01-­‐E10-­‐2381
This Oven Ready 5.33 oz  Breaded Veal Steak meets Nutrition Standards for the Services "Go For Green Program". Each serving contains more than 330mg of OMEGA3 FATTY ACIDS from both Flaxseed & Fish Oil. 24 month frozen shelf life. SKU 6600. 
Fully Cooked Beef Short Ribs
Fully Cooked Bone-in Beef Short Ribs, USDA Choice, NAMP #130. 35 lb. case 6 pouches per case , 18 pieces of Short Rib per case. 24 month frozen shelf life. NSN: 8905-01-E10-2473, SKU:2111 
New York Strip Steak
USDA Select Boneless Beef New York Strip Steak . Steak weight 9oz , 50 steaks per case ,5 pieces per shrink wrapped sleeve. Product code 4201.  24 month frozen shelf life. NSN:8905-01-E62-5014
World Class Gold Standards are in our nature. Superior Product quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
 We are a full-service partner.
Customer Service is at the top of our list throughout each day. We measure our success by your Success!
Fully Cooked USDA Beef Meat Loaf ( Derived From 85% lean) in Sauce, Each 10 oz per portion is comprised of 6 oz of meatloaf and 4 oz of sauce. BIBG has five 6 oz portions of meat with five 4 oz portions of sauce which equals 35 oz of meat and 15 oz of sauce per 50 oz pouch. 5 Pouches per Box. 15.25 lb cs - Feeds 25. LSN: 8905-01-E10-2422,SKU 2103
St. Louis Style Pork Ribs
Fully Cooked Fire Braised Pork Ribs. All Natural. 100 Rib Bones per case. 20 pound case .  Product code 2813.  24 month frozen shelf life.  LSN# 8905-01-E10-2473 
Fully Cooked Shredded Beef
Gluten Free Fully Cooked Braised Spare Ribs
All Natural* Gluten Free Fully Cooked Braised  St Louis Style Pork Ribs.  *No Artificial Ingredients, Minimally Processed,Pork, Brown Sugar,Dextrose, Natural Flavors, Paprika, Salt. - 20lb Case - LSN - 8905-01-E10-2473
Fully Cooked Naturally Smoked whole Beef Brisket, Frozen,Derived From NAMP # 120 [variable weight range: 8 lbs .to 11 lbs. NAPA # 8905-­01-­E62-4569 . SKU 2105. 
Fully Cooked Beef Brisket 
Beef Swiss Steak For Braising
USDA Choice NAMP #1102,138 pcs / 6oz. SKU 3800 ,NAPA# 8905-01-E62-4797,Net weight 51.75 Lbs.
NY Strip Loin Steak - 10 oz. 
USDA Choice Bone-in, Derived from NAMP #130, SKU:2111, NAPA #8905-01-62-5231 
Diced Beef for Stewing
USDA Choice or Higher NAMP #135A,8/7LB Pouches, 56 lbs Case.  SKU :3801. NSN:8905-01-E62-4570:
Sirloin Tri-Tip Breakfast Steak
USDA Select , NAMP # 1185C,50- 5.5oz Pieces /Case. 28.10 Pound Case. Beef Sirloin Breakfast Steak FrozenNMT 12% solution,Papin Free, Ficin Free,Bromelain Free LSN # 8905-­‐01-­‐E10-­‐2420
Fully Cooked Chicken Breasts in Marsala Sauce,
Predusted, With Rib Meat,SKU: 2407,With 4% Crimini Mushrooms, 25-8oz.portions (2 pieces of
chicken / 5oz. total and 3oz. of gravy) 25 servings per case.
Fully Cooked Beef Pot Roast

In Savory Gravy,from USDA Choice Beef,Derived from USDA Choice chuck roll-­NAMP # 116B, 50-­8 oz.portions. (5 oz.protein and 3 oz.gravy),LSN # 8905-01-E10-­2427. SKU2102

Tru-Native Enterprises Unitized Group Ration (UGR) Entrees
Fully Cooked Bone-In Beef Short Ribs 
NY Strip Loin Steak - 10 oz. USDA Select or Higher, All Natural - Minimally Processed NAMP #1180,NSN:8905-01-E62-5014, ,SKU 4202.
USDA Select, NY Strip Steak, Full Cut NAMP 1180, 12% Marinade, Mold #608, 0.75" to 1.25" thick, 1" Tail, 0.25" fat cover, 5-9oz Steaks per BIBG Pouch (1 vein steak per pouch), 10 Pouches per box. 28.13 lb Case containing 50 / 9oz steaks - LSN: 8901-01-E10-2421. SKU 4201 50 Servings Per Case.
NY Strip Steak, Full Cut NAMP 1180, 
Fully Cooked HALAL Boneless Diced Seaoned Lamb Roast.
Boneless Diced Seasoned,USDA Choice Lamb ,NSN: 8905-01-E62-5260, SKU:2900.
Beef Tri-Tip Steaks, .12% Marination, Thickness  5/8" to 1", Width 1.5" to 3", Length 5" to 6.5", 10-5.5oz steaks per pouch, 5 BIBG Flat Pack pouches per 17.19 Master case. NAMP 185D. NSN: 8905-01-E10-2420,SKU 4401.
Beef Breakfast Tri-Tip Steaks. FY17