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The Tru-Native Enterprises History 
Tru-Native Enterprises has an unwavering commitment to food safety. 
Our Food Safety team vigilantly monitors a detailed food safety program that includes regular staff training, recall program and third party temperature monitoring. Our distribution center meets and exceeds comprehensive USDA FSIS food safety and sanitation requirements that ensure all aspects of our customers and our business are protected. Call or email us any time about how we can serve you in our Modern USDA inspected facility. If you require special Beef products to meet your facility or mission feeding ask us to assist our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Tru-Native Enterprise's focus is on product innovation quality, food safety and integrity in all of our plant and business operations. Good environmental stewardship and community engagement is what we strive for everyday to be your First Choice supplier of quality beef products. 
To be competitive in today’s food service industry; you need to team with a partner who understands the challenges of running a profitable food service program or business as well as the ever changing tastes of your customer base. We are your partner. 

From our team of new or custom product developers, our quality control and quality assurance teams believe that our unwavering commitment to provide the absolute best quality products at the best price and our dedication shows we mean business when we say we want to earn your business.

Tru-Native Enterprises is a Native American woman owned and operated small business , headquartered in Arizona with our processing and packaging plant operations, USDA/FSIS Plant # M48098 and P48098 located in the heart of America's meat packing country, Addison Illinois.  

Since our company opened its doors, our team, has been led by Ms. Valerie LittleChief, our President and CEO.  Her philosophy that "Together, we can all achieve more". These are more than just words within our company; they are a way of life.  Our success is built on the strength of our partnerships.  By supporting our business associates and our customer partners, we all succeed. We have treated every customer partner like they are a part of our Tru-Native family.  

Other companies may offer similar products, however, our protein products and services are the very best , we are our own toughest critic. We audit quality daily. We want to be the First Choice of Department of Defense activities, agencies, the military services, Subsistence Prime Vendor contractors, the Joint Services Prime Vendor and all SPV, and MWR operations worldwide. 

As a result of our demonstrated product quality and consistent competitive product pricing ,we were recently humbled and very proud of the fact that our Native American Women owned Small Business is now ranked by DLA as Number 61 in total dollar sales to the US Government.  We feel this is testament to our philosophy that "Together, we can all achieve more".   

Tru-Native Enterprises currently offers many quality MPA listed meat and poultry  products for our military services and  we provide several entree components for the current Unitized Group Ration (UGR) Meals.  Ask us to assist you in meeting your food service requirements. We also have “GO FOR GREEN” entrees that meet the Nutritional Guidelines  for the Service's "Go For Green" Program. Just Ask Us.